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Our Corporate Investigations practice assists boards of directors, audit committees, independent directors, management and counsel in evaluating allegations of fraud or other wrongdoing involving employees, management or third parties. We combine investigative, accounting, financial, technology and industry resources to respond rapidly and thoroughly to suspected fraud, irregularities and workplace incidents.

Our firm provides comprehensive litigation support services in actual or potential legal proceedings before a court, regulatory body, and government authority or in alternate dispute resolution settings. Lawyers, insurance companies and the business community to provide an assessment of economic damages and to prepare an independent expert’s report suitable for use at settlement meetings, mediations, and arbitrations or in court often retain us.

Our team use financial skills, business expertise and knowledge of financial and legal process when conducting each assignment. We present a high quality, balanced quantification based on reasonable assumptions and sound financial analysis by utilizing a team approach involving the solicitor, client and other experts to ensure that the engagement is run in a cost effective and timely manner.

Particularly we review and analyze financial evidence, review and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the financial evidence, develop a computerized application to assist in the analysis and presentation of financial evidence including evaluating the alternative methods of quantifying damages and mitigating risks and formulation of negotiating positions with respect to financial settlements